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After the change of rain and sunshine the nature starts to explode and you can see things sprouting everywhere in the YOK-Garden. Ms Aitch and Mr El can't keep up with processing vegetables, herbs and fruits. The dill is growing against the sky and the lovage bush is overrunning the fragile parsley plants and the chard.

Because you can't have enough mixed spices and herbs in your kitchen, Ms Aitch makes a fine herb salt. You can use it to season your soups or salad dressings or may  sprinkle it over your grilled vegetables.

herb salt


For about 150g:

100g herbs (dill, chive, lovage and tarragon leaves)

6-7 tbsp sea salt


Wash and dry the herbs and chop coarsely. Mix the herbs with 4 tbsp sea salt and chop it finely with the food processor.

Spread the mix out on a plate and allow to dry for hours on a sunny place or in the oven (40°C-50°C).

If the salt is completely dry, add the rest of the sea salt and grind the mix in the mortar or put it in the food processor once again. Fill the herb salt in jars where the salt stays dry and hermetically sealed.

mixed herbs
herb salt recipe

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