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"Good Food - Good Life" - that is the basic rule in Ye Olde Kitchen. Homemade food with regional and seasonal products. The region is mainly the "Remstal" an area in the west of Stuttgart, Germany. There are many local businesses where you can directly by products and they even offer their products in the supermarkets.

Most important is the "do it yourself" spirit - and this not only applies to food. It takes more time but you know what you get, you (we) have a lot of fun and you'll learn things that have got lost because of the permanent availability of convenience products.

Our huge balcony supplies us with vegetables and fruits during the summer and even into autumn. It then looks like a jungle and you almost need a machete to enter it. 

So...and that's it folks: Welcome to Ye Olde Kitchen!

If you have questions or wishes or if you are interested to conspire or work with us you can contact us here: