White mulled wine syrup

You better make some bottles of white mulled wine syrup before cold weather arrives. Then you can go outside for a stroll in winter wonderland

And when you come home have a big cup of hot mulled wine. Mix the syrup with sparkling wine or some fresh orange juice and enjoy!

weißer Glühweinsirup


For about 1 Liter:

750ml white wine

600g sugar

300ml unfiltered apple juice

300ml sparkling wine

4cl rum

10 cloves 

2 cardamom capsules

2 star anise

1 stick of cinnamon


Cook white wine and sugar for about 20 minutes to a thick syrup. Add spices, apple juice, sparkling wine and rum and cook for 10-15 minutes. Fill into sterilized bottles and store dark and cold. 

You can mix the syrup on different ways: we like to mix it with dry sparkling wine. You can also use fresh orange juice, unfiltered apple juice, dry white wine or sparkling water. You can drink it hot or cold.

white mulled wine sirup

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