Spring salad with herbs-mustard-dressing

The birds are singing and tweeting, the bees are humming and a butterfly warms its wings in the sunshine. Ms Aitch has planted the first hornet violets in the YOK-Garden and moved the oleander from the wintering ground. The currant bush and the gooseberry bush show the first tender leaves. The gardening season starts!

Ms Aitch puts the first violet flowers, the tender leaves from the dandelions and the sorrel and a little bit of the tarragon and makes a delicious spring salad with a fresh herbs-mustard-dressing. The salad is so tasty that it made the run for the green Easter menu 2015 as a starter.

spring salad


For 4 persons

For the salad:

150g several salads

50g wild herbs (sorrel, dandelion)

10-15 edible flowers

1 bunch of radish

1-2 scallions


For the dressing:

10 tbsp safflower oil

5 tbsp white wine vinegar

1 bunch of dill (chopped)

1 bunch of parsley (chopped)

3-4 tsp several sorts of mustard

1 tbsp honey

salt and pepper


Wash and pluck the salad and the wild herbs. Grate the radishes and cut the scallions in thinly slices. 

Add all ingredients for the dressing in a shaker and mash it all together. Season with salt and pepper.

Put the mixed salads on a dish, sprinkle with dressing and top it with radishes, scallions and edible flowers.

Vorspeise Ostermenü

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