Red fruit jelly

Red fruit jelly as a dessert is straight childhood memory. Ms Aitchs mother like to cook red fruit jelly with fully ripe berries and fruits in midsummer. In winter there is another memory - pieces of oranges with vanilla sauce. Perhaps Ms Aitch will show you the recipe in the cold season. It's interesting to see that food can connect people and allow memories and feelings come alive. Ms Aitch connects different people with different meals. A meal that someone likes or prepares with skills or a meal that Ms Aitch eats together with a special person. 

Food as connection, a nice thought. Which food gets connecting with your childhood memory? Do you have meals which remind you about a special person?

In Ms Aitchs family they ate red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce. It also goes well with cream or yoghurt. If you add another tablespoon of potato starch you can use the red fruit jelly as topping for the rice pudding cake.

red fruit jelly recipe


For 4-6 persons:

2kg mixed berries and fruits (cherries, raspberries, red and black currants, blackberries, strawberries, gooseberries, etc.)

1 shot of rum

150g sugar

2 tbsp potato starch


Put the fruits with sugar and rum in a pot and simmer until smooth. Mix the potato starch with a little bit of the fruit liquid and pour into the fruit jelly. Boil to the heat, fill into a big bowl or in portions in little bowls or glasses and let it cool down.

red fruit jelly
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